What is binary
Botanical Ale

Introducing binary
Botanical Ale

The Good Living Brew Company are proud to introduce binary Botanical Ale. Unlike any ale or beer you have tasted before, binary has a sophisticated flavour and aroma that comes from naturally brewing it with hop bine leaves, instead of just hop cones like most other brands.

These wonderful leaves add a delicious sour tang and a subtle but distinctly botanical bouquet to every sip, making for a refreshing sensory experience.

What makes binary
Botanical Ale so unique

binary bottle and glass with vine

Refreshment reimagined

Experience the refreshment of an ale with a tangy wine and cider taste. Glass for glass, binary is less than half the calories and alcohol of wine without any compromise on taste.

Bine vine

Uniquely flavoured

binary is brewed with organic hop leaves to taste tangy rather than bitter, which makes it the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

2 binary glasses with vines

A great alternative

An ideal alternative to beer and wine for both women and men, we believe binary has the power to unite everyone under the banner of exquisite flavour and exceptional quality.

flavour profile



White Peach

White peach







Green pepper

Green pepper



High intensity of tropical fruit flavours including passion fruit, white peach, guava, gooseberries and a slight grapefruit aroma. These are followed by hints of rosemary, pepper and with a delicate sweetness balanced by the astringency of the hop bine leaves.

We add the hop leaves during fermentation where they are infused for a minimum of 5 days. This biotransformation in the presence of yeast creates the delicate and sophisticated botanical flavours in binary.

binary references the two digit number system underpinning our technological progress; the stem of the hop plant; and the black and white perspective we take on brewing standards and quality. It conveys the sense of useful science that we rely on to make sure that our ales taste great consistently, travel well and are better for you than alternatives.

Grapes grow on a vine, hops grow on a bine. Bines are the flexible stems of the hop plant which twist and wrap themselves around a support structure as they grow an impressive 3 – 6 metres each season.

Leaves play an important role in our culinary experiences. We eat them, we infuse them and drink them in tea. Hop leaves are no different – they provide a unique sensory experience to the botanical ale.

There are many different varieties of hops available. We source our organic hops in England and we have selected two English varieties Sovereign and First Gold both bred in 1995 at Wye College in the UK. We chose to use organic hops leaves to ensure no negative impact of harmful chemicals on the leaves we use to infuse our products.

Hops are a wonderful thing – the spice of beer, the magic ingredient which provides flavour, bitterness and protection against spoilage. Before hops were used in beer, brewers experimented with many different herbs including bog myrtle, yarrow heather, ginger, juniper berries…. basically anything that could be locally sourced. We think its time to re-introduce some of that botanical variety back into our ales – starting with the hop leaf.