The story behind
our taste revolution

A new product
that is unlike other beers

As experienced members of the brewing fraternity, the inspiration for binary came from our shared frustration of wanting a moderate alcoholic beverage not liking the traditional bitter taste of beer.

Deep expertise in the science of brewing and the range of palate preferences ensure that we have created a new product that is unlike other beers in its subtlety, tanginess and sophistication.

Be part of
the taste revolution

We are unapologetic about our slightly geeky approach to the technical aspects of our product and apply exceptional quality standards with complete adherence to the more complex recipe.

binary has been brewed to democratise refreshment and moderation; an ale that everyone can enjoy! So please enjoy the fruits of our labour. We certainly do.

To find out more about our unique product or for all other enquiries, please get in touch via our contact page.

Binary Glass on mat