Botanical Ale
Reimagining Refreshment

Introducing binary
Botanical Ale

At the Good Living Brew Company we have dedicated our love of science to the art of brewing. This fusion creates unique recipes, the first of which, binary, is perfect for casual meals and summer days

Sophisticated taste
and aroma

Unlike other beer, wine or cider you have tasted before, binary has a sophisticated taste and aroma that comes from its natural brewing process incorporating hop bine leaves to add a slight sour tang to the mild refreshing taste.

Perfect for any occasion that asks for a fresh taste and moderate drink, try it with picnics in the park or when relaxing with friends and family.

Time to make
a simple Binary decision

Sketch of Binary Botanical Ale bottle with annotations

Fewer calories

binary is the perfect accompaniment to any meal or social gathering; it can be paired with most foods, is more moderately alcoholic and lower in calories than a wine or cider alternative.

Bine leaf

Tastes delicious

Quite simply, binary tastes delicious, with recognisable wine and cider notes and all the refreshing qualities of an ale in one bottle.

Sketch of Binary Botanical Ale glasses with annotations

Perfect for sharing

It’s about smart moderation – the 660ml sharing bottle is only 2.7 units of alcohol per bottle!

Serving Suggestions

Keep a bottle in the fridge and sip from a stemmed glass for maximum enjoyment.

The binary “High Pour” serving ritual not only adds a theatrical element to your drinking experience, but is designed to release the unique botanical aromas of the liquid by activating its lightly sparkling qualities.

Binary beer pouring into glass
Sketch of friends at a cafe enjoying Binary Botanical Ale